Monday, October 11, 2010

Congrats NPPL Vegas Winners!

Congratulations to Tampa Bay Damage for their NPPL Las Vegas win, and NPPL 2010 series win. Damage pulled through for their 3rd consecutive NPPL event win; a particularly important win, with the top 4 teams seperated by only 2 series points! LA Infamous,San Diego Dynasty, Tampa Bay Damage,and Edmonton Impact all could have taken the championship with the event win. Oakland Blast and St.Louis Avalanche were also in the chase for the series championship.Congratulations to all the winners!

Event Standings: PRO
1st: Tampa Bay Damage
2nd: Oakland Blast
3rd: Edmonton Impact
4th: St. Louis Avalanche

1st:: Off in the Woods
2nd: Naughty Dogs Silver
3rd: Rockstar Factory
4th: HK Army

1st:: Paradox
2nd: Capital Edge Hustlers
3rd: Impact Echo
4th: Critical Wrecking Crew

1st:: Noobies
2nd: Warped Kids
3rd: Lotus
4th: Tsunami


  1. Always wanted to try paintball. Look forward to more man.

  2. I was unaware there was a Professional Paintball league... I'm for it

  3. Congrats to the teams.
    I love how theres a Professional leage for near enough everything now :P
    I suppose Paintball deserves one to be honost

  4. Nice- I had no idea that this took place on a professional level. Sounds like a blast.

  5. Use to play a lot, never got into it competitively though.

  6. Gratz to the winners and all participants! I need to starting playing again. So much fun.

  7. I want to paintball. Maybe I'll take the gf. Only ever been once.

  8. Paintball...I see so much hype for it and watched a few videos of some games but never played it myself. I also was unaware it was this popular! Congrats to the teams!

  9. I used to play a bunch of paintball back in the day... wish i still had my guns

  10. I never did paintball...only airsoft. But paintball sounds fun, and watching vids of it is usually pretty awesome.

  11. Im with damien, i need to look miore into paintball though.

  12. Nice post man keep em coming ! and check out my reviews ;)

  13. Gratz kid! Always thought paintball was fun but never got a chance to get serious with it. Good for you.

  14. Mmmm, I went paintballing yesterday actually, I've always though it would be interesting to get on a team.

  15. I'm going paintballing soon and I can't wait. I doubt I'll ever get into any leagues though. Haha. Good on them.