Sunday, December 26, 2010

NPPL Schedule released

Wishing you  all a Happy Holiday and a Safe and Happy New Year!

My gift to you is the 2011 calendar dates for the NPPL Super 7 World Series. This is your official invitation to play and participate in the greatest paintball events on earth.

Event 1 Surf City USA Open
Huntington Beach, CA. April 1st - 3rd.
Event 2 Mid West Open
Chicago, IL May 20th-22nd
Event 3 Capital City
Washington D.C. September 16th - 18th
Event 4 Paintball World Championship
Las Vegas, NV November 11th- 13th

Will your team be the next NPPL Series Champion?
PS Rumor has it the large gap between event 2 and 3 may be due to an unnanounced event. Possibly a made for tv pro-only event. Neat!